Everything About The Pisces Birth Sign
by Skyview Zone Astrology

Pisces Manifesting & Moon Magic

Pisces - The 12th Sign In The Zodiac

Element - Water

Quality - Mutable

Symbol - Dual Fishes

Sun Sign Dates - February 19 to March 20

Planetary Ruler - Neptune (ancient ruler-Jupiter)

Natural Zodiac Affinity - Twelfth House

Pisces is a complex sign. The two fish swimming in different directions represents the dual nature of this sign. It's energy can manifest as the highest form of universal love or the lowest form of escapism. Most Pisces are compassionate and kind-hearted.

Compassion is a good Pisces word. It says,"I feel what you feel". Pisces absorbs environmental vibrations, for good or ill. Pisces can be the madman who hears "spiritual" voices directing his lunatic actions, or it can be the saint who will sacrifice their own desires in order to help humanity elevate its condition.

Martyr is a Pisces keyword. "And after everything I've sacrificed for you!" Victim is another. When Pisces feels too vulnerable in the big, ugly, competitive jungle out there they may fall into the, "I am victim" trap. They can't go on. They've reached the end of their rope. "You do it for me, because I cannot cope." pleas the sadly disillusioned Pisces. Their idealistic vision of how life should be has become shattered by reality and it's just to much for them. This is just one scenario.

Pisces energy breaks down the material boundaries between the earth plane and the spiritual dimensions. All manner of possibilities exist when we arrive at this doorstep. Often Pisces people have very good imaginations. They can bring inspired ideas in the form of art, music, movies, novels and other contributions that help mankind transcend the harsh reality of everyday existence.

On the other hand, their hypersensitive natures can tempt them to escape reality through drugs, addictions of any kind, daydreaming, etc. When it comes to flat out no boundaries hysteria, Pisces takes the cake. This basically non-aggressive sign has the ability to go off the deep end like no other.

Pisces is a mirror for other people. They reflect back to you whatever you send out without even realizing it. Like the fish they can see below the surface. Pisces can also sense what others want and they know how to become that too if necessary. It's part of the Pisces illusion. They are highly impressionable and emotional.

Pisces can teach us how to give without reward and to reach out to our fellow man with universal love and acceptance.

Pure Pisces energy is...

* highly emotional
* very sensitive to what's going on around them
* a saint or .... the worst of sinners
* romantic and imaginative
* looking at life through rose-colored glasses
* escaping reality (often addictions)
* often feels vulnerable or inferior and therefore victimized by life
* basically compassionate and non-aggressive
* inspiration
* spiritual

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