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How To Tell If A Pisces Girl Is Cheating

Catch Cheating Pisces Guy

While men say too much when lying, women say hopelessly too little.

Their fear is that if they say too much, they will be discovered.

For example, if a woman goes shopping and then comes home to her husband or boyfriend with her trappings, she will inevitably described every nuance of her shopping adventure to him.

"Look honey, I got this, it was twenty percent off!

This here, there were only two of them left and this other lady hung some clothes over them and walked away, but I grabbed the one that didn't have the run in the stitching when she wasn't looking.

And this, it was regular $120 and I got for $35"

All the while her man nods in approval, secretly keeping one eye fixed to the television.

It is simply the woman's nature to go on in great detail and enthusiasm about any seemingly bland event.

when a woman closes up about her doings, it is inevitable that she is hiding something.

If the same woman comes home from her shopping trip, says nothing, curtly answers
"fine" to her mates question of "how was shopping?", then shuffles off the bedroom with a bag in her hand, she wasn't shopping the entire time my friend.

She is both nervous and afraid that if she offers anymore information, her partner will quickly poke holes in her story.

The same goes for any activity she embarks on, and then remains mysteriously quiet about after words.

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