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How To Tell If A Pisces Guy Is Cheating

Catch Cheating Pisces Guy

Men will typically say too much or give too much detail when telling a lie. 

This is similar to bragging or exaggerating.  For example, if a man catches a fish but then it gets away, he will tell everyone it was three feet long, when he knows it was actually only eight inches.

The thought process behind a man telling a lie is,
"I will give them so much information that they will become lost, disorientated, and then finally give up".  And he does this for no covert reason other than it works.

Men will also tend to inject a little humor into their lies.  It relaxes their partner, puts them at ease, and throws them off track.  For example, a man is late coming home from work.  In truth, he was with his lover.  His wife questions his whereabouts.

He will eliminate her suspicions by telling her an unlikely, albeit funny, story as to why he was late: 

"Honey, you wouldn't believe it.  I was driving home and went to throw my cup of coffee from this morning out the window. The freakin’ window was up and the coffee went everywhere. 

So I stopped at the car wash and they didn't have any paper towels anywhere.  Some idiot next to me must have had a hundred of them balled up on the ground. 

So then I have to drive to the grocery store, buy a god damn two pack of paper towels, and sit in the parking lot, in my suit, cleaning the car, while all these people are walking by looking at me"

The wife will find his bad luck story so amusing, and feel it to be so justified, that she won't even bother to look for the remaining paper towels or check his suit or car for the smell of coffee. 

By going into great and exaggerated detail, then injecting a little humor, he has successfully lied in the way of the man.

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